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  Message Board Acronyms
AFAIK - As far as I know
AFK - Away from keyboard
AKA - Also known as
ASAP - As soon as possible
B4 - Before
BAK - Back at keyboard
BBL - Be Back Later
BBS - Be Back Soon
BRB - Be Right Back
BTDT - Been There Done That
BTW - By the Way
CFV - Call for votes
CUL - See you Later
DYJHIW - Don't you just hate it when...
EOM - End of Message
F2F - Face to face
FAQ - Frequently Asked Question
FWIW - For what it's worth
FYA - For your amusement
FYI - For your information
GA - Go ahead
HH - Holding hands
HHOJ/K - Ha Ha, Only Joking/Kidding
HIWTH - Hate it when that happens
IAE - In any event
IANAL - I am not a lawyer
IDK - I don't know
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion
IMO - In my opinion
IOW - In other words
IRL - In Real Life
IYKWIM - If you know what I mean
JAM - Just a Minute
JASE - Just another system error
J/K - Just kidding
KOTC - Kiss on the cheek
L8R - Later
L - Laugh
LMAO - Laughing my a** off
LOL - Laughs Out Loud
NRN - No reply necessary
OBTW - Oh, by the way
OIC - Oh, I see
OTOH - On the other hand
OT - Off Topic
PMFJI - Pardon me for jumping in
ROTFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing (also ROFL)
ROTFLMAO - Roll on the floor laughing my a** off
RSN - Real soon now
SOL - Sh#$ outta luck
SYL - See you later
TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TGIF - Thank God it's Friday
TIA - Thanks in advance
TIC - Tongue in cheek
TNX - Thanks
TNX 1.0E6 - Thanks a million
TTYL - Talk to You Later
WTF - What the F$&%

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