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ADVR Granted U.S. Patent for Treatment of Human Papillomavirus Infections

Dec 11, 2003
ADVR Names Elma S. Hawkins to Board of Directors

Dec 9, 2003
AVR118 Suppresses Progression of Disease in Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis Developed at The Weizmann Institute of Science

Dec 3, 2003
ADVR Reports AVR118 Inhibits Inflammatory Arthritis in Animal Model and in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in Human Clinical Trial

Nov 20, 2003
ADVR's AVR118 Granted a Patent in China for the Treatment of AIDS

Nov 18, 2003
Advanced Viral Research Corp. Announces Retention of James T. D'Olimpio, MD As 'Spokesperson at Large'

Nov 10, 2003
ADVR Reports Positive Preliminary Results of AVR118 Clinical Trial in AIDS Patients Suffering from Body Wasting (Cachexia)

Aug 28, 2003
ADVR Announces Search for New CEO and Appointment of Interim CEO

May 16, 2003
ADVR Completes Private Placement Financing Transactions

Apr 11, 2003
ADVR CEO Hirschman Comments on SARS on ABC World News Tonight

Mar 24, 2003
ADVR Granted Therapeutic Composition Patent For Product R; U.S. Patent Awarded for Chemical Structure of Novel Peptide Nucleic Acid

Mar 18, 2003
ADVR Begins Planning for Late Stage Phase II AIDS Clinical Trial In Israel

Feb 25, 2003
ADVR Pursuing Options in NY Litigation; Continues to Press Florida Lawsuit

Jan 9, 2003
ADVR Completes Private Placement Financing Transaction

Dec 17, 2002
ADVR Files Stock Manipulation Suit in Florida

Dec 12, 2002
Potential Use of ADVR's Product R to Treat AIDS Is Focus of A&U Magazine Article

Nov 14, 2002
ADVR Begins Product R Israeli Clinical Trials; Quintiles Retained to Monitor/Audit Trials, Selikoff Center to Conduct Trials

Nov 8, 2002
ADVR Announces Staff Reduction to Conserve Capital to Focus on Israeli Clinical Trials; Intent to Sell Bahamas Plant; Board Resignations

Oct 11, 2002
ADVR's Product R Reverses Cancerous Properties of Human Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells in Laboratory Cultures

Sep 25, 2002
Dr. Richard S. Kent Joins ADVR Board of Directors

Sep 18, 2002
Dr. Sidney Pestka Joins ADVR Scientific Advisory Board

Sep 10, 2002
ADVR Announces Completion of $3 Million Financing; Funds Enable Israeli Clinical Trials of Product R to Move Forward

Aug 20, 2002
ADVR's Product R Subject of Published Study on Clinical Trial For Treatment of HIV/AIDS

Jul 30, 2002
Paul R. Bishop Joins ADVR Board of Directors

Jul 16, 2002
ADVR Announces $1.5 Million Investment By Member of Board and Member of Business Advisory Board

Jun 18, 2002
ADVR's Product R Approved in Israel for Phase I Study In Patients with Solid Tumors

Jun 12, 2002
ADVR's Product R Approved in Israel for Phase I Study in Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients

Jun 10, 2002
Roy S. Walzer Joins Board of Directors of Advanced Viral Research Corp.

Jun 6, 2002
ADVR's Product R Approved in Israel for Phase I/II Study In Patients Needing Salvage Therapy For AIDS

May 23, 2002
ADVR Names Mayr Communications to Handle Public/Investor Relations; Firm Brings Extensive Pharmaceutical Industry Experience

May 2, 2002
ADVR Names Eli Wilner Chairman of the Board

Apr 23, 2002
ADVR's Dr. Hirschman Describes Large Potential Therapeutic Categories for Product R

Apr 16, 2002
ADVR Is Assigned Ownership of Two U.S. Patents in Settlement of Litigation

Apr 12, 2002
ADVR Begins Phase 2 of IND for Topical Treatment Of Genital Warts With Product R

Mar 20, 2002
ADVR's Product R Granted Patent for Topical Use In Treatment of Skin Diseases, Eye Afflictions

Mar 15, 2002
Dr. Howard Young - Leading Immunologist - Joins the Scientific Advisory Board Of Advanced Viral Research Corp.

Mar 11, 2002
Advanced Viral Research Corp. Submits Product R Topical Phase 1 Results to FDA

Jan 24, 2002
Advanced Viral Research Corp. Forms Scientific Advisory Board with Leaders in Oncology, Hematology, Women's Health Care

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