By: kevtod
07 Jun 2004, 09:51 AM EDT
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The market started to respond favorably.....

....Then pulled back.....

It's still early......20 minutes, 700,000 shares, UP .005


By: taxman221
07 Jun 2004, 10:14 AM EDT
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Interesting news but no volume no movement. We sit and we wait. I think i would have preferred no news.
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By: Keith0228
07 Jun 2004, 10:19 AM EDT
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Tax, news yesterday was interesting, but not earth shattering. That's for sure. Not enough volume for a big move today, but based on the action so far, I'd guess they'll peak somewhere in the .15s. Be nice if they closed there too. Not sure that will happen though. Be nice if another PR came out, but I'm not counting on it.
By: nvphyl
07 Jun 2004, 11:35 AM EDT
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CNBC just announced

Bill Gates speaks next hour. Ya never know. Well ya never know for the next hour. Of course, you may know if you are an insider. Coincidence? China / next Big Thing for ADVR /
Bill talking? Stock is up .005!!! Hummm. The suspense is killing me. Buy on the rumor????? lol
By: dirtysneakers0
07 Jun 2004, 11:50 AM EDT
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At least ADVR got exposure at ASCO. Maybe that will lead to a partnership or something else good.

By: Ourobouros
07 Jun 2004, 02:22 PM EDT
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"Since I never heard of a satisfactory treatment for pancreatic cancer, this might get a special consideration by the NCI."


Are you now implying that AVR118 is a treatment modality for the actual pancreatic tumor/cancer?

Or something else?

Bill...Be specific, not misleading - or risk being irrelevant!

07 Jun 2004, 03:05 PM EDT
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from our new boss lets put the pr out on sunday we wouldnt want to pump the pps. go new boss.
Meeting: 2004 ASCO Annual Meeting
Category: Patient Care
SubCategory: Supportive Care
Anti-cachectic effects of a novel peptide nucleic acid: Preliminary results of a phase 1/11 clinical trial.
Abstract No: 8087
Author(s): J. T. D'Olimpio, S. Z. Hirschman, Z. Shtemer, M. Didiego; North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, NY; Advanced Viral Research, Yonkers, NY; Beilinson Hospital, Petach Tikvah, Israel

Background: Wasting syndromes in Cancer and AIDS have similar patho-physiologic mechanisms and treatment remains problematic, especially in advanced disease. A novel Peptide Nucleic Acid (AVR 118), has been shown to improve weight gain and quality of life in multiple anecdotal reports. It was approved for clinical trial by the Israeli Health Ministry in June 2002. Methods: In a Phase 1/2 open label dose escalation format, IRB approval was obtained in the 2 participating Institutions and informed consent was obtained for each patient.10 cachectic patients with advanced AIDS and 2 cachectic patients with advanced pancreatic cancer resistant to chemotherapy were administered AVR 118 subcutaneously at a dose of 0.4 ml per day for 28 days.5 additional AIDS patients continued on 2 ml subcutaneously per day for 28 days. Each patient was followed for 28 days after the treatment period was completed. Weight, percent fat and strength were measured using standardized methods. Any adverse events were monitored per protocol, and each chart was extracted for quality of life parameters including appetite and energy/fatigue level. Results: AIDS: At the 0.4ml dose, 70% of patients had slight weight gain or stabilization of weight, all patients had increases in appetite by week 4 ,60% reported increase in energy and ADL's, mean strength increase was 8%, 70% showed increase body fat ( mean 15%).At the 2ml dose all patients improved appetite by week 2, with mean fat increase of 25% and strength increase of 32%, all had improved energy and ADL's by week 3.Pancreatic Cancer 0.4 ml dose: Both patients had improved weight (4% increase) percent fat (20% increase) and strength (5% increase) during the 28 day treatment period .When the drug was withdrawn, the effect was lost in most patients. No adverse events were noted in either group. An additional 15 AIDS patients and 13 solid tumor patients are planned for accrual. Conclusions: Peptide Nucleic Acid complex (AVR 118) appears to be a nontoxic novel drug to treat cachexia in AIDS and cancer patients and merits further study.

Associated Presentation(s):
1. Anti-cachectic effects of a novel peptide nucleic acid: Preliminary results of a phase 1/11 clinical trial.
Event: 2004 ASCO Annual Meeting
Presenter: James T. D'Olimpio, MD
Session: Patient Care
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