By: shemp1248
03 Feb 2004, 06:01 PM EST
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I have been saying for some time now that the antiviral therapy will be the next GREAT medical breakthrough. These bugs are the cause of many ailments around the world and we will soon realize their potential to severely reduce the world population if their genetic reproduction is not altered. There are millions of viruses, and only recently have we begun to study their effect on society..The first time Reticulose was studied it was shelved not only due to poor investigation, but also the FDA's failure to see the future of viruses on mankind. They would accept most antibacterials since the doctors felt years ago that bacterial illnesses were much more lethal......GUESS WHAT... ADVR saw the viral problem and rightly so continued to study this drug...and now it will pay off in huge amounts. I am not so sure they have to find a partner at this point as the desire to be part of this company is growing rapidly. We have the formula and it is protected....keep in mind that ADVR has only touched the surface of the indications for this drug and there will be many more indications to follow...Doesn't this fact make this company able to offer pieces as small as 1/10% for millions of dollars from investors..They can build capitol with the smallest of pieces of this company until soon the company will grow to an infinite level on it's own...Mike
By: lunker10706
03 Feb 2004, 06:51 PM EST
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Shemp: I cannot agreed with you more...and,

let me say that with the proliferation of anti-biotic therapy we are seeing too many antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria et al.....This is sadly a drug that showed wonderous promis as far back as the day when soldiers were feeling much better in a couple of days as opposed to weeks after coming down with influenza.

I think this has been a combination of lack of fortitude on behalf of the founders of Reticulose, to see this through the approval and lack of financial savy on the part of Hirshman and company to get Product R off and running. Now enter AVR118 and Eli and company! They KNOW!
I have all confidence that they will not repeat the past failures and finally bring this baby to the marketplace. JMHO!!!!!


By: lunker10706
03 Feb 2004, 09:18 PM EST
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Luck Newbie: Welcome to this den of thieves! All the excitement
is due to the small steady rise in the PPS and the anticipation that something BIG in the way of news is comming.
The British are comming and so is Christmas! Yee hah!

AND news will be comming soon, just don't hold your breath, hypoxia is a terrible thing.
Syncopy is bad too! But the PRs are due out soon,IMO

Just hop on and ride this thing out. A wonderful drug and with the Lord's help it will get to market, benefiting thousands of afflicted folks.

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By: richardlia
03 Feb 2004, 10:19 PM EST
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This stock had good news recently and better people to bring it to marquet

Jan 27, 2004
ADVR to present at 1st ISC International Conference on Cancer Therapeutics - Molecular Targets, Pharmacology and Clinical Applications to be held in Florence, Italy

Jan 8, 2004
ADVR Granted U.S. Patent for Treatment of Human Papillomavirus Infections

Dec 30, 2003
AVR118 Suppresses Progression of Disease in Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis Developed at The Weizmann Institute of Science

Dec 30, 2003
ADVR Names Elma S. Hawkins to Board of Directors

Dec 3, 2003
ADVR Reports AVR118 Inhibits Inflammatory Arthritis in Animal Model and in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in Human Clinical Trial

Nov 20, 2003
ADVR's AVR118 Granted a Patent in China for the Treatment of AIDS

Nov 18, 2003
Advanced Viral Research Corp. Announces Retention of James T. D'Olimpio, MD As 'Spokesperson at Large'

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By: Keith0228
03 Feb 2004, 11:06 PM EST
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All the recent conversation on this board proves only one thing. Nobody really has a clue what's going on with this company or it's stock. I do own and I do believe in the drug, but I've also been in and out of this baby 3 or 4 times over the past 7 years. Haven't made any money, but I've always had it on my watch list. Just kept getting out because it was too boring to play. Latest jump to 30 cents prompted my reentry. As for the latest rise in price I haven't got a clue. I'm fairly surprised actually, but I keep thinking they'll push over a buck the first half of this year, based on their 10-year chart. During that time their only two spikes over a buck were four years apart and it's been bout four years since the last one. Just a hunch, but they've survived a long time and I believe it's now crunch time for them to either succeed or fail. Just hope they've still got some life in em.