By: mind31
27 Apr 2004, 09:36 AM EDT
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EVEN, the Dickes have or will have 120,000,000 unrestricted shares for which they are paying .12 a share. I think they hold 30million now and are due to pick up another 30million soon- like eary May I think. Since the shares are unrestricted it is my understanding that they first 30million could already have been sold without any questionable practices.
By: thetrump
27 Apr 2004, 11:43 AM EDT
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ADVR Profiled at

You can view the profile for Advanced Viral Research at

Thanks for taking a look!

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By: lovingitall0
27 Apr 2004, 01:51 PM EDT
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The very fact that AVR118 has being selected for presentation of an abstract at The American Society of Clinical Oncology's (ASCO) 40th Annual Meeting to be held in New Orleans, LA, June 5-8, is a real plus for ADVR and should be very interesting.

The following is from ASCO's December 2003 "Meet the Experts".

The Virus-Cancer Link: Examining the Role of Viruses in the Development of Cancer

"On Wednesday, December 10, 2003, at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in New York City, ASCO hosted a panel of leading experts in the field of oncology and viral epidemiology to examine the connection between viruses and various forms of cancer. Top physicians in the field discussed emerging trends and research, highlighting the role that viruses and other infectious agents—including HPV, hepatitis B and C, H. pylori, HIV and others—play in the development of cervical, a.n.a.l, head and neck, liver, stomach, and other lymphoid and solid tumor cancers."

Unfortunately, the link for the balance of the presentations won't appear with this post. Excellent reading, too!


By: lovingitall0
27 Apr 2004, 07:11 PM EDT
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"I hope the report of the jerusalem post is true."

mbengineer: I hope so also. I, incidentally, don't consider it to be a "leak" as our bashers here claim.
We've heard about a forthcoming article in JP for over a year already.

If that's a "leak"...then it must be an awfully slow one.


By: mbengineer
27 Apr 2004, 07:06 PM EDT
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I See chrome , who acts like a paid basher is back. I believe Rar, Damond, mind are also bashers. there are more. Whenever the pps shows strength, the bashers get very busy. It will do them no good when the results rom Israel are presented. I hope the report of the jerusalem post is true.


By: mind31
27 Apr 2004, 07:28 PM EDT
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engineer, we are all bashers- it is you against the whole bashing world. Watch out for liafox, she is the worst. LOL
By: rickv
27 Apr 2004, 07:45 PM EDT
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seeing mind on the board well before the negativeness i do not believe he is a paid basher... he states truth because of the management styles that road the wave to pennies. once you have fallen back in the race as a runner does it is very hard to get back to the front you have to fight every inch of the way pass runner by runner (or short seller by short seller) the reason i think we have a problem here is that the direction has changed so often without notice without proper regards to long term shareholders when was the last 3 annual meetings held and where were they.... can't answer that can you? Rar i do not know and diamond i have chatted with and he was never really negative either. i too have a you gotto prove it attitude because of what i have seen since the old management that i know of was able to get the stock over a buck until the basher of basher came along name Baron's. otherwise all of the management that have come to power have been in it for the money not for the shareholders long term commitment.

So i say again none of these guys or gals that have been here for such a long time are really bashers. just unhappy shareholders or burned shareholders... if they got burned it was the management's fault of lack of direction no announcements to support such excellent work and so forth...

besides i really do not think if any basher that was here could make any amount of money on this board bashing this stock... look at how many people actually chat on this board maybe at most 30...and how many shares do they control through their families and friends not enough to dump or pump squat...

so now lets look at the big picture only the company management has the ins with whom can pump and dump they are the largest shareholder knowledgebase. if they did their homework they would know what brokerage houses have it and meet with the ceo's to shut the manipulation down... look at what the ceo of lbtt did he published a letter for all the shareholders to see. he has produced information 10 fold compared to advr. he has ba*ls to standup... for his company. I am not saying our management don't but i am saying they aren't doing anything about it either.

well mb that is life.. hope advr gets to 1.00 before i retire it would be nice to have. or i can use it for place settings in my old age to old to enjoy.


27 Apr 2004, 08:21 PM EDT
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MB you forgot the i..ya i throw a dig at advr from time to time owned there stock for so long i finally figured it out yes if results are great im rich if they screw up as always i make money trading the stock on there bs. as for me being a basher just leave advr alone they dont need help plus if i was a basher i would be on this board all day thats not me. i got those people on ignore its a waste of space. good luck all we all want to make $$$$$$$$$$$
By: sardti
27 Apr 2004, 09:27 PM EDT
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Ricky , here's my take on some of the goings on here. Some of these players hold hundreds of thousands of shares. When they can hype this stock and get some movement say a penny. A penny isn't a big deal,right? So let's say they can dump 100,000 or even 200,000 shares at a 1 penny rise. Do the math that's a easy thousand or two minus sales commision. Now do this often enough and you can make a very good living from your trading. Wait for the price to go back down a penny or two and you can start all over again . But they have to be careful not to be too obvious .This is kind of like the African tribe that drink blood from their cattle. They bleed the cow enough to satisfy their need (or greed in the trader's case) but can't let the cow die. Alas Pump and Dump. Then scream like hel l if you get accused of it. Many here are investers , who put their money in this stock and let it ride hoping for the miricle to happen. Just my take of it all . Ti.

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By: nvphyl
27 Apr 2004, 10:10 PM EDT
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What % of penny

stock companies graduate? Some but not many. I know one ABRX. That means, to me at least, pennies are for trading. That is why rumors and pending news are always desired. Here, in a few cases, statements or PRs by the Company seem to some, like me, to be less than what your Mom and Dad taught you.

IMO The problem here is the mystic this drug has attached to it. Some, like me bought in to the mystic before they realized this was not a slam-dunk. Later with the help of the internet we "got educated". Now we know that we must watch our own backs. Some rejoice at 16 cents or above because they have no intention of staying long and they bought in at ???cents (lower) to sell after a small gain. Others like me think "what the hel good is 16 cents when I'm in at $???? but much higher.

I have a disclaimer. After coming to the conclusion that pennies are for trading I have from time to time traded ADVR. My cost average for my long position is about 30 cents. My long position far exceeds what I have traded. I missed this trading opportunity but my regards to those that did not.

I understand and respect both sides of the equation. I wish there was no animosity. My real concern is that this drug or some other drug works. I have a sweet little grand daughter with jra.

Best to all.

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By: rickv
27 Apr 2004, 10:37 PM EDT
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i agree but i really think it is the bigger players than those on this board... ok they make 2k or so every month or 2 but it is not alot to live on .. I think itis the movers else where. thats why i laid into MB...

but yes i trade as well not in this stock but in the teeny pennies for movement in and out take the profit and put into long stock and leap options.

thanks for you input.