By: tellslikeitis
16 Apr 2004, 10:16 AM EDT
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Questions for Elma:

1. Which clinical indication(s) do you wish to pursue for AVR118, and why? Do you wish to pursue both topical and systemic uses of the drug? Do you think the company can go to the FDA for a fast-tracked application?
2. Why has there been no movement in pursuing the HPV topical trials in the U.S.? Phase I studies were completed in early 2002, and Phase II has been in the “planning phase” since then. Has the company lost interested in the topical treatment of HPV-induced genital warts?
3. In your opinion, will the results from a limited number of AIDS cachexia patients in Israel be of real value to accelerate the process with the FDA for a U.S. IND application?
4. Given that the scientific staff at the company is drastically depleted, do you think the company has the capability to get all the accessory science done to get the drug through Phase II and III clinical trials in the U.S.?
5.What exactly has Dr. Carol Epstein been doing for the company since coming on board as “Acting” Medical Director?
6. Are there still negotiations, or still an interest in pursuing the possible partnerships with big pharma companies that were reported in corporate updates late last year?
7. What kind of hitches, if any, do you anticipate in getting a unique drug like AVR118 through the FDA process? At Antigenics, Inc. you had faced hurdles and a FDA-mandated clinical hold on trials with the drug Oncophage. What lessons have you learned from that experience and what will you do to avoid hold-ups that will be costly to the company in time and money?
8. Are you planning any additions to/deletions from the current Board of Directors and/or the Scientific Advisory Board?
9. Can we expect a different, more dynamic company under your leadership? What specifically do you plan to do to make this possible?
10. Are you actively pursuing additional funding sources other than Mr. Dicke’s current source of operating revenue for the company?
11. Do you like being CEO of Advanced Viral Research Corporation?

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By: Ourobouros
16 Apr 2004, 10:37 AM EDT
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All due respect to those who are in favor of a f2f meeting with Elma - ADVR has ALWAYS been an EXclusive club venture....the information exchange has been that way, the contacts have been that way for the well connected and so on.

What they NEED is an INclusive event that will allow ALL shareholders who wish to be involved to have access.

Thus, a conference call would have been the way to go, in addition to this have perhaps small meetings with Elma at headquarters for those who wish to see here "eyeball to eyeball" and shake her golden hand. To make it a prerequisite to have to travel at OUR expense (most of us who are ALREADY at a loss for buying this stock) and the time needed to get to the meeting place is a slap in our faces, rather than a plus. IMO!!

As far as the "cost" for a conference call - well, they just got their millions from Dicke, and they are paying 2 (TWO) CEO level salaries - so I say f_uck them for that reason.

It's nice to see Elma so concerned about shareholder communications and all, but if you lived in California and wanted to be there and didn't really have the cash (or time) to travel, it would take a s-hitload of selling of ADVR shares to gather the money needed for your travel and time.

The way I see it, we've ALL sacrificed our commitment, our money, our time for the sake of owning ADVR shares - why is it that at this late date Elma has asked US to GO to HER, instead of thinking this out beforehand and done the right thing::


My take on her decision is simple, she may be a PhD in "whatever," but she isn't up to snuff about the "history of discontent" of ADVR shareholders.

This call to meet her is a slap in shareholders faces, rather than a blessing.

Shame on ADVR and its MIS-management team for such shortsighted "vision" - if you can call it that!! --And another disappointment for those holding shares and waiting for their long suffering dream to come true.

As I've said before, Sal and his son could run this company better that this sad management "team!!"

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16 Apr 2004, 11:36 AM EDT
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A conference call would be nice, but I think we both know that will never happen. Too bad she doesn't visit the West Coast though, I'd like to see her; used up all my vacation time though, and I sure as hell am not going to waste the time or money to fly out there to meet her.

In the meantime, I'm just patiently waiting for the 3rd quarter to come around. Hopefully, some good news will come around with a decent rise in the PPS, and I'm gone for good from this stock.

BTW, the issue with the bondholders in HLSH has really put a damper on the price hasn't it. =) Still long and strong on that one.

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By: mbengineer
16 Apr 2004, 12:17 PM EDT
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Tell..excellent questions except for the b of d. They are her boss..r u fowarding those questions. I hope so.. If so, add the following.,
A... how many patients have been treated in the AIDS trial due for complleton the end of june
B...were there any patients treated in Israel before the test were abandoned
C... Why can't some minimum information on the progress of the trials be reported on the web page.
By: mbengineer
16 Apr 2004, 12:25 PM EDT
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Our a conference call would not have her able to answer the questions since she would not have time to prepare. These questions and answers should be posted on the web page so that everyone could have them.. Dr. Hawkins has been CEO for a short time and will have to research some of the answers. Lets give her a little space. I believe her leadership will make this Co. a factor in the pharmaceutical industry.
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By: SUE32073
16 Apr 2004, 12:40 PM EDT
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mbengineer. I am in favor of JUST having a CONFERENCE CALL. If Elma isn't familiar enough with ADVR yet to be able to answer shareholder's questions via telephone (who are probably more familiar with ADVR past/present than she is)--- THEN GET SOMEONE FROM THE COMPANY WHO CAN --- Eli/Hirschman come to mind.

I agree -- any questions we have could probably be answered on the website. What exactly is the purpose of asking for questions from shareholders, if Elma has to take the time to find out the answers. Are we training her????

No doubt, given a year in her position as CEO, she will be familiar and oriented-enough with her ADVR surroundings -- WHY NOT WAIT UNTIL THEN TO HAVE HER GET OUT AND MEET THE FOLKS. This is a waste of money!....JMHO

By: Ourobouros
16 Apr 2004, 03:20 PM EDT
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"Our a conference call would not have her able to answer the questions since she would not have time to prepare."

This is a HUGE joke of an answer, mb - and you know it. Stop obfuscating the real message in terms of why they cannot have a conference call.

You answer is total BS!
By: mind31
16 Apr 2004, 04:25 PM EDT
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Bernie, congradulations on your ability to recognize total BS. The road show is a big waste of time and money. There is nothing that Elma can legally disclose to a small group of investors that is not ALREADY public knowledge.
Of course in a conference call, one can't screen the questions too well.
I hear that the Florida show is at thr Ritz Carton in West Palm. If she can't come to Snook Haven fishcamp I ain't goin'- and there has to be free beer- them are my demands.

By: rickv
16 Apr 2004, 06:58 PM EDT
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i just got in .... i would like to see some up side and i don't mind missing the lows to buy more just an upside constantly for a while would be nice and to hold at that price... i would be impressed if it got to .58 where dr. h started with advr before he road it into the dust... i would be happy with that.... and have a base there would prove that this stock would then be ready for an upward into the 1+ range.

i will take some time to read all the rb and look at where the market closed and where advr is at now...

have a nice weekend


By: rickv
16 Apr 2004, 07:16 PM EDT
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why doesn't advr have a web cast setup for shareholders that cannot attend i know i have invested more than a webcast cost....

that should be the first questions.

if you want to be like the big firms then they should set up like one for the shareholders meeting.
By: Ourobouros
16 Apr 2004, 07:59 PM EDT
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"It can be a listen only conference call where she can answer the questions that was sent in."

rick, first off, mbengineer's suggestion that our esteemed new CEO needs more time to "research" any question she might be asked is a jolly joke - and one that I would seriously answer that he (mbengineer) would be the PERFECT person to give her the Cliff Notes on ADVR, as he wrote the book!!

Secondly, if our new esteemed CEO is unable to answer questions NOT SENT IN without more time to "research" the questions that might be asked extemporaneously, then she sure ain't the right choice for the CEO job. You mean she cannot think "on her feet???"

The opt out for no conference call is a coward's way out of addressing shareholders' questions.

She knows that, mbengineer (whoever that is - :) ) knows that, and shareholders know that.

What a scammy management team!

(PS It's been my experience that to get management to do anything worthwhile is to embarrass them - maybe we can embarrass them into offering a conference call...Elma are you listening???)

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By: mbengineer
16 Apr 2004, 09:16 PM EDT
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Bernie I understand ur bitterness but this is a new administration. She had a lot to catch up with and still might be missing some parts of the history. I would wish u would give her a chance to show what she could do. She did it before and it is my hope she will do it again. Don't forget, she has experence in the field and it is the first time someone running the co. has the proper experience. U know this is a great drug. All the Co needs is someone to properly lead. I think we may have that person. U know my positon. Lets relax and not help the paid bashers. A check on todays trading indicates the MMs are worried. They will add more paid bashers to this board. Don't help them. At least they are getting paid.
By: rickv
17 Apr 2004, 12:36 AM EDT
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then why doesn't the new CEo or even management offer the webcast to all the shareholders that cannot attend.... it is not that expensive.... and if they don't feel like they have the money for it have the giveaway cfo give the webcast company a few million options at .03 that seems fair for a couple of hours webcasting....

come on... how cheap can they get...they paid dr. h a hugh amount of money to slamdunk this stock from .58 to .08...

so for the longtimers... treat them who stood by all the #### through the rise and fall and dribble...

that would show shareholders they are considered important not well we took your money in the stock and now if you want to hear from us spend more on the airlines hotel and car rental and food... to hear us say .... can we take you for any more money....

MB, just a little pissed about what they are doing... get involved with your shareholders they are your best supports don't P*ss on them...

if you know what i mean...

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