By: 4titudinous
25 Mar 2004, 07:28 AM EST
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 Small Cap Equities Conference June 2 Features Advance Viral, Cenuco
Thursday , March 25, 2004 02:08 ET
Mar 25, 2004 ( via COMTEX) -- (FinancialWire) The Investrend / Symposium "Small Cap Equities Conference" has been scheduled at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City for June 2.

Companies signed early for presentations include Advanced Viral Research Corp. (OTCBB: ADVR), and Cenuco Inc. (OTCBB: CNUO).

ADVR's AVR118 represents a biopolymer that possesses novel immunomodulator activity. This peptide-nucleic acid, which to date has shown a very favorable safety profile, appears to stimulate the proinflammatory responses required to combat viral infections such as HIV and human papillomavirus and to dampen aberrant autoimmune-type inflammatory responses, such as occur in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. AVR118 is in clinical trials in Israel for the treatment of cachexia (body wasting) in patients with AIDS.

Cenuco's products include: MommyTrack(TM) -- a retail consumer product allowing families to see their home/children from anywhere via live streaming video on cellular phones, Pocket PCs, Intel Centrino Mobile Technology based- laptops, and Internet-connected computers; Mobile Video Monitor(TM) -- a product line allowing business owners and corporations to see any CCTV camera at any location in real-time via cellular phones, Pocket PCs, Intel Centrino mobile technology, and Internet-connected computers; and Mobile Video Transmitter(TM) for Corporations/Government/Homeland security -- a product line which allows for remote connectivity to video surveillance systems at critical infrastructure sites via live video streams onto wireless Pocket PC 2003, Intel Centrino laptops, and Internet-connected computers.

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By: allenadvrlong
25 Mar 2004, 07:36 AM EST
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This is exactly one of the next steps for ADVR

What would be better [and it will come in time if all goes well] is a headline that says "ADVR TO ATTEND ADAMS HARKNESS

step by step

By: SUE32073
25 Mar 2004, 07:54 AM EST
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Thanks 4titude. June is a pretty busy month for ADVR; i.e., the ASCO abstract presentation in NOLA on June 5-8 and now this latest Symposium on June 2. Does anyone know what type of presentation would likely take place? Not sure exactly what a Equities Conference is all about. TIA