By: shaggydogs
01 Mar 2004, 06:12 PM EST
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riffypa, your post is excellent. However, I would like to comment on one of your statements...."I believe everybody takes for granted that the drug is safe, we all may assume that, but the scientific community does not know that."

Reticulose/AVR118 has gone through clinical trials (admittedly non-FDA approved) in Barbados, The Dominican Republic and Argentina. Further, it has been successfully used by hundreds, possibly thousands of sick people under the care of knowledgeable and respected physicians going on seventy years some of whom have reported their successes without reporting or observing toxic reactions_except, I believe, for a lame study/experiment done in Japan. Because of this and because I accept their findings, I do not assume that the drug is safe, I know the drug is safe and it is not my fault that the scientific community does not know itís safe, it is their fault because of a lack of DD.

I am certain that a significant number of renown scientists now know the drug is safe. It is only the pseudo scientific community or bureaucrats from Missouri (or is that misery) that need more proof at the expense of the truly afflicted.

IMO all the dose escalation trails will do is confirm what we already know ó AVR118 IS SAFE!