By: SUE32073
03 Mar 2004, 09:23 AM EST
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mind, concerning the additional 15 patients, the last SEC filing (424B3) was filed 2/25/04. The PR concerning Elma Hawkins appointment was dated 2/12/04 (although she wasn't "officially" ADVR's CEO until 2/18/04.

Why does the above-mentioned SEC filing have all the "updated stuff" concerning Elma and yet there is nothing updated concerning the additional 15 patients.

I'm getting concerned
By: mind31
03 Mar 2004, 09:28 AM EST
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I am concerned too. I don't trust the company. I would hope they just did not update that section out of carelesness. That is why I want them to speak on the issue. Thanks for posting. All should be aware of this issue. It will only cost $300,000 to finish. If they have not moved forward, we are in big trouble. eom
By: allenadvrlong
03 Mar 2004, 09:53 AM EST
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NEW INVESTORS IN ADVR:- Im long but still there are two
sides to advr--I have not been here as long as Rarboston and others-look at both sides--I think the science and people are good at ADVR--but there are some compelling posts here.

Lots of good information and opinion can be found from one of the more informed ADVR posters Rarboston.
Very interesting points of view.

Consider all sides and points of view when reviewing ADVR
This poster is involved in activity related to the aids disease.

Call/write the company too and ask questions
Its Your Investment


137350-outside ref. news article






By: foxybabe08103
03 Mar 2004, 10:35 AM EST
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Very interesting Allen! Keep in touch as to what you find out.

Re: the 15 patients: I don't do an autopsy on every Sec filing so I'm not concerned. I know the history behind this wonder drug and the test results so far have been most positive. We'll hear more about the clinical trials when ADVR is ready to tell us and no sooner no matter who b.i.t.c.h.e.s about it. Too many here are short on patience and long on bashing, and others have a definite agenda so they'll haunt and bash any positive poster here until they get rid of them.

If I disappear again, everyone who reads this Board will know why.

By: Zenna
03 Mar 2004, 10:42 AM EST
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No offense taken. My investment experience came as a result of my enrollment at Le Universite de Hard Knocks (front row seat no less)...I decided to become self-sufficient as an investor, not relying on "professionals" for investment advice. Thus my avid interest in charting.

I chose to weigh in on the discussion ONLY because it seemed to be getting out of hand and I have personal knowledge/experience with lower priced stocks..

IMO, the first thing that should have been defined is the term "penny stock" which is really general..some define it as anything under a buck, others a couple bucks,etc. I use the term to describe stocks trading a buck or less.

The comment I can make regarding institutions is that I've seen many many institutions owning penny stocks. I follow a couple of people who recommend penny stocks therefore I've made it my business to see if they are on any institutions radar screen. The reason they own may also have to do with the fact that a lot of these Co's were high flyers before the Bear market hit. Many of these institutions were in these Co's before hand. ICGE is a prime example of this trading at a low of around .27 ...Again I think the whole discussion is ridiculous and not relevant to ADVR at this point.

I personally have learned to try and avoid making blanket statements since they pretty much ALWAYS come back to bite me on the a**...

(I think plans should be made to head to Beantown, find a seafood buffet and have all ADVR shareholders meet to eliminate any basher/pumper fears..!!)

IMO, One shouldn't be labeled a "pumper" for choosing to look at a Co through a positive light, give them the benefit of the doubt, etc. Neither should anyone be labeled a "basher" for bringing out the weaknesses of a Co. It keeps investors on their toes and could even save them $ if only because they think twice about adding shares or diggin' in too deep. However, what a TOTAl waste of time/energy/brain power to constantly harp over and over about Co negatives, perceived or real when you have NO position in a stock! There obviously is a pay off for these folks somewhere.

Never tried grouper, but FL marina would work as well as beantown I'm sure.


PS. IMO this board includes a lot of VERY intense people. There are only a few that I can think of that don't fall under this category..everyone needs to LIGHTEN up and stay on topic! (food discussions not included)

By: kevtod
03 Mar 2004, 10:53 AM EST
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Zenna- Just curious.....I think we can pretty much let the numbers of our "Institutional" investors speak for themselves.....

But, I would like to ask you.....In your experience, have you seen institutional investors in a penny stock in any significant amount......(Like hundred of thousands or millions of dollars.....or a sizeable percentage of the company) ??????

Or, is the "Insttutional" investing in other pennies pretty much the same as we see with AVDR.....(Which, IMO, looks to be like a few bucks set aside for "High Risk" portion of the entire portfolio.).....?????

By: tradethchannel
03 Mar 2004, 07:43 PM EST
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This is exactly why I have renewed interest in this investment. Eli has executed nicely, and recovered ADVR from what would have been certain death.

This is the time to focus on what your goals are with your investment. What targets, and more importantly how will this company address these markets hand and hand as they carefully advance the licensing partnerships of their marketing rights upon milestone approvals?

If you don't get it by now this is the new and improved company. Forget the old ADVR, and assume that ADVR is going to make each patent count now. Thank Eli WIlner- the Man.

By: cecilk
03 Mar 2004, 08:10 PM EST
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The trend since the low of .05 has been up! that trend has not been broken Clear? I believe that we had a couple pr,s
but they are not entirly the reason we are trending up going back to that rsi when we were at .05 it was below 30 that is the last true buy on this stock. we have been above 70 a number of times they are appropriate profit taking periods. Somebody sold a few late in the day Momma needs new shoes, perhaps some investor needed money for another play... Perhaps someone is sick of waiting! I do not think we should put to much into a few trades at the end of a day.
Lower volume on a down day than the up day???? what does that mean??? pretty flat all day with a blip down late a little game to seperate the nervous from there shares... we have seen it all before... ck