By: Ourobouros
21 Mar 2004, 08:34 PM EST
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The "e"

Folks, ADVR could have/should have filed an extension request had they known they were delinquent. That they did not, and received the "e" tell us this has come about as a surprise to the company.

That the "e" is so that they can file an extension "to include important new test data" is crazy, - as they simply could file an 8K (I believe) to report that. No company wants its symbol changed just so that they can re-file an extension to include new important data as the uncertainty devolves into rumor-mongering.

I may be wrong, but this "e" is because the SEC found them delinquent and ADVR(e) did not know it. Or maybe they changed the drug name once again - to AVR118e!

By: sisco49
22 Mar 2004, 10:58 AM EST
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Re: "E"

"A company spokesperson talked to the OTCCB this morning. The company is compliant in all of its filings. ADVR believes this was an error on the exchange’s part. Tomorrow before the bell the symbol will be back to ADVR. The exchange can not change a symbol during trading so for today the company is ADVRE.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with."

Ronnie Welch


CWR & Partners, LLP

By: Victory_Mine
22 Mar 2004, 11:39 AM EST
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Give the "E" a rest already ...

More disinformation than factual information is spread here every day and by the minute, this board has become as useless as just about every other *free* investment discussion board has become everywhere.

Don't know why I even bother to come here anymore, this board has become such a vast playground filled with posts that get more and more juvenile by the week, it's truly a shame, and certainly not entertaining to me anymore! I guess I'm always hoping to read that 1 good post buried in the many hundreds, yet it becomes harder to find as time passes.

I've been in ADVR since December 1999, only adding to my position for the last several years with extra cash, and I am patiently waiting. Every day I see the Raging Bull ADVR new post counter over several hundred posts, yet when I venture to take a look, I barely see but a few posts on-screen, as my *ignore* list has grown so huge over the last couple years most posts have been hidden (thank goodness), and it seems to still grow by a few new IDs every time I venture here, sad, very sad. There used to be a better percentage proportion of the posts that were on topic and worth reading, but not for a long time now.

I used to enjoy the occasional post by a select few posters here that were also posting back then, but even the better posters over those first years I was here have all seemed to digress to the point where even they have started to take part in too much of the daily BS, rantings, finger pointing, and non-topical discussions.

I believe those percentages will change drastically within the next year counting from this day forward, as it looks like ADVR.E may finally be on the cusp of either fortune & greatness, or off to finally cement their foundations within failure & misfortune. I am still betting on ADVR.E to come away from this by pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, and succeeding in their quest to bring AVR118 to the forefront of the medical world. But I have invested so, *fully* with the knowledge, that this investment was nothing short of a lottery style longshot. Why so many people have opted to treat this stock, and then post comments about ADVR.E, like it should act and follow the path of any more typical investment, is beyond reasoning.

As far as the "E" is concerned:
The Eligibility Rule protects investors by ensuring that they have access to companies current financial information when considering investments in OTCBB-eligible securities.

Nasdaq will continue to monitor the filing status of all OTCBB issuers. In the event of a filing delinquency, Nasdaq will append the trading symbol(s) of the delinquent issuer's security with an "E". The fifth character "E" will be removed from the symbol once Nasdaq receives notification that the security meets the requirements of the Eligibility Rule. After 30 days (60 days for non-SEC filers), if Nasdaq has not been notified that the appropriate filing has been made with the issuer's regulatory authority, the issuer's security will be removed from the OTCBB.

As far as this "E" *hurting* the stock ... give me and others of more rationale a break already ... this is a penny stock, and until significant progress that suggest the drug works becomes public knowledge, or significant proof of failure the drug doesn't work becomes public knowledge, this stock, whether with a suffixed "E" or not, whether taken off the OTCBB or not, will continue to trade with undue abandon for the sole fact that it is *STILL*, just a penny stock! Learn to deal with that fact, and the fact that any investment in ADVR.E may become worthless, and then you have the *correct* mindset to invest in ADVR.E! I also believe they will remedy this short coming within the specified amount of time, and therefore, all this *worry* about the "E" coming from posters, whether sincere or not, will all be moot anyway!

Lead a good life, and you will have a good life.

- Vic -

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Hold; LT Rating- Hold)