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Welcome to ThisIsMS

Inaugurated in November of 2003, we are a brand new site dedicated to providing the latest news, most thorough research and liveliest community committed to Multiple Sclerosis and the people it affects.

This is an entirely unbiased site

We have no corporate "unrestricted" grants, no big pharma allegiances, and no ties to any medical hospital. This site is funded out of pocket, born out of a desire to combine interests in web communities, personal experiences with people living with MS, and research skills into an entity that will help people whose lives have crossed paths with MS in some way. You will never find an agenda being pushed here.

Our goal is to provide an exciting place to learn about how to deal with, better treat, and ultimately halt and/or cure multiple sclerosis and related diseases.

Your presence is our motivation.

Would you please take a few seconds to register? It's free, requires no personal information, and immediately allows you access to many features of the site, such as personal e-mail and posting in the forums, that you won't have as a guest. It also helps us get an idea of how many people are using the site and finding it useful. Thanks!

-The ThisIsMS.com team

Low Dose Naltrexone

Many of our site visitors are asking about Low Dose Naltrexone. This site would have no purpose unless we brought the information our visitors wanted, so please view the entry in the "Encyclopedia" that describes in simple language what Low Dose Naltrexone is, how it works, and how it might help in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. We also have news stories, downloads, and even an entire discussion forum dedicated to Low Dose Naltrexone, also known as LDN. Look around, and if you would like something that you cannot find on Naltrexone or any other treatment, please just drop us a line and we will do our best to find it and make it available for you. Thanks for visiting.

 2003 Medical Year in Review: For MS, mentions Antegren + Blood Tests

Future Treatment PossibilitiesA great story by the Associated Press about the 2003's major happenings in health. There's a tidbit near and dear to our hearts:

-Scientists developed the first blood test that reveals whether people with neurological problems, such as tingling or blurred vision, will soon develop multiple sclerosis. An experimental drug called Antegren was also shown to cut the number of relapses from the disease in half.

However, these blood tests they refer to are just not very well accepted yet... and go Antegren! RELEASE IT NOW! The whole article is really interesting, read it by clicking "Read More" below.

Posted by Administrator on Friday, December 12 @ 13:50:34 CST (43 reads)
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 Clinical Trials: Genzyme Announces Start of Phase 1 Trial of Genz-29155 for Multiple Sclerosis

Clinical Trials for, or related to, MSAdd another drug to the pipeline!

Genzyme Corporation announced today that physicians have treated the first participants in a Phase 1 clinical trial to test the safety of Genz-29155, a small molecule developed by Genzyme for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.


Genz-29155, which was discovered through high throughput screening at Genzyme, has shown an ability in vitro to inhibit some, but not all, of the activities of tumor necrosis factor (TNF), a protein active in the regulation of certain immune responses. In vivo, Genz-29155 has shown potential to have an effect not only in models of multiple sclerosis, but of other immune- mediated diseases as well.

Posted by Administrator on Friday, December 12 @ 13:37:33 CST (1 reads)
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 Clinical Trials: Tularik Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Trial of T487 in Psoriasis (MS to follow?)

Future Treatment PossibilitiesAlthough they are going after Psoriasis first, this drug has potential for treating Multiple Sclerosis down the road...

Tularik Inc. today announced the initiation of a Phase 2 efficacy and safety study with T487 for the treatment of patients with psoriasis. T487 is an orally-administered therapy that has a novel mechanism of action and is expected to reduce inflammation in conditions such as psoriasis.

T487 acts by binding to CXCR3, a receptor found on the surface of lymphocytes. The binding of T487 to CXCR3 inhibits the migration of lymphocytes into inflamed tissue. Thus, T487 is expected to provide symptomatic relief and block the progression of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis. In preclinical studies, T487 blocked immune cell migration and demonstrated excellent potency, high selectivity and good oral bioavailability. In Phase 1 studies, all doses of T487 were well-tolerated and no serious adverse events were observed.

Posted by Administrator on Wednesday, December 10 @ 15:14:17 CST (4 reads)
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 Research: AVR118 Suppresses Progression of MS in Animal Model

Future Treatment PossibilitiesAdvanced Viral Research Corp. today announced that administration of its novel immunomodulator AVR118 (formerly known as Product R) in animals with induced experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) suppressed progression of this demyelinating neurological disease. This animal model, developed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, serves as a potential model for the use of AVR118 in the treatment of the human auto-immune demyelinating disease, multiple sclerosis (MS).

Posted by Administrator on Tuesday, December 09 @ 14:16:25 CST (10 reads)
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 Clinical Trials: First Patient Enrolled in new Betaferon Study

Clinical Trials for, or related to, MSSchering AG, Germany announced today that the first multiple sclerosis (MS) patient has entered the second phase of the BEYOND trial. This compares the efficacy of a new, higher-dose Betaferon® (500 mcg) with Betaferon 250 mcg and glatiramer acetate (Copaxone) in patients with relapsing-remitting MS. Recently, the company announced positive safety and tolerability data from the first phase of the study program examining Betaferon 250 mcg and Betaferon 500 mcg.

Posted by Administrator on Tuesday, December 09 @ 14:02:53 CST (7 reads)
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 New Test ''Pinpoints Multiple Sclerosis Progression''

DiagnosticsMS can be debilitating. Scientists have developed a way to measure the severity of a patient's multiple sclerosis and gauge how well drugs are working.

The researchers at New York University hope it will improve both diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

The technique measures the amount of a key chemical that is found in lower quantity than usual in the brain cells of MS patients.

Mike O'Donovan, chief executive of the MS Society, said: "This is an encouraging addition to the growing range of magnetic resonance measuring techniques which are helping to develop and monitor new treatments for this dreadful disease."

Click "read more" to see the entire article

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, December 07 @ 22:01:44 CST (24 reads)
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 Treatments: Sativex (Marijuana Treatment for MS) Update

Marijuana (Sativex)Some news on Sativex from Friday, December 5th:

GW Pharmaceuticals added 19p to 177 1/2p after broker Evolution Beeson Gregory repeated 'buy' advice, and told clients that recent falls had been overdone.

It expects regulatory approval early next year for Sativex, GW's treatment for multiple sclerosis, which it saw boosting shares by up to 50%.


Which is an interesting contrast to the last news we heard about Sativex from the company itself on November 28, 2003:

"GW Pharmaceuticals have warned investors that their new drug Sativex may yet have to wait until next autumn for approval from the government's medicines regulator. The news is a blow not only to GW but also to Multiple Sclerosis sufferers who have long been campaigning to be allowed to use a cannabis drug to relieve their symptoms. Trial data has shown that Sativex is an effective treatment for bladder problems and muscle stiffness but GW has also applied for approval for the drug to treat neuropathic pain. It is this issue where the drug's approval has stumbled. Neuropathic pain, pain caused by a diseased or damaged nervous system, is widely viewed as impossible to treat so such an indication would be a massive breakthrough for GW. Unfortunately the MHRA are likely to ask for more trials next year before they give such a groundbreaking approval.

A spokesman for GW said "The process is continuing as expected. There is a month to go and we are confident of getting approval. We have always said the timing was going to be in the hands of the regulator"."


You can check the quote for GW Pharmaceuticals (on the London Stock Exchange) here

Note: View our encyclopedia entry on Sativex here

Posted by Administrator on Sunday, December 07 @ 16:51:36 CST (4 reads)
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 Rates of AutoImmune Disease doubled in last 40 years

Treatments for Multiple SclerosisFrom this month's Newsweek:

When the Body Attacks Itself

Autoimmunity: Rates of immune disorders like Crohn’s and MS more than doubled in 40 years

"The immune system is a thing of beauty—subtle enough to distinguish dangerous invaders like viruses from benign interlopers such as food; clever enough to recognize when the body’s supposedly friendly cells turn cancerous and should be eliminated. But the immune system can also go seriously awry. When it begins mauling healthy tissues, the result can be any one of 80 autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. “It’s the price we pay for having such a dynamic, finely balanced system,” says immunobiologist Jeffrey Bluestone, director of the Immune Tolerance Network at the University of California, San Francisco."

click "read more" below to get the rest of the article...

Posted by Administrator on Wednesday, December 03 @ 22:26:19 CST (11 reads)
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 News: UK Govt. Study: ''Seven alternative remedies might be worth trying''

Alternative TherapiesWe just got the full story! This is exciting info-- finally some sort of government-backed study on alternative therapies-- this could really help cut out some of the overwhelming task of sorting through literally hundreds of options when considering non-standard treatments.

United Kingdom Government watchdog breaks new ground by giving cautious endorsement of some complementary medicines in treating multiple sclerosis

The role of complementary therapies such as fish oils, reflexology and t'ai chi in treating disease are recognised for the first time in official NHS guidance published today.


Click "read more" to get the full article... in the meanwhile, we're working on getting the actual report for you to download, as well as updating our encylopedia to include information on all the recommended alternative Multiple Sclerosis therapies...

Note: We're really proud of the fact that we are the first Multiple Sclerosis site to carry this story! We uphold our promise to bring you the latest breaking news on Multiple Sclerosis every day, free of charge or bias.

Posted by Administrator on Monday, November 24 @ 22:37:47 CST (89 reads)
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 BioGen Taking Steps towards Antegren Production

Future Treatment PossibilitiesThis is a business story about how Biogen is moving some of its manufacturing facilities from California to a place called Research Triangle Park, in North Carolina. The interesting paragraph is:

"The company also plans to use RTP to manufacture Antegren, a treatment of multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease that is in Phase III trials - the final approval stage. Trial batches are being run at RTP, and commercial production could begin in mid-2006, says Brockelman."

Amy Brockelman, the person quoted, is a spokeswoman for Biogen Idec

ThisIsMS.com feels that this could be (cautiously) viewed as a very positive step that Biogen is taking public steps towards production of Antegren. At the very least, the trials cannot be failing spectacularly, or they wouldn't bother with such a move.

Posted by Administrator on Monday, November 24 @ 14:14:36 CST (220 reads)
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 FDA-Approved Drugs: Brain-protecting Protein Boosted by Multiple Sclerosis Drug

CopaxoneCopaxone, a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis, has been found to stimulate immune system cells to produce a brain-protecting protein.

Posted by Administrator on Friday, November 21 @ 18:32:48 CST (30 reads)
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 Research: Gray matter damage in brain of MS patients linked to cognitive, physical deficit

Future Treatment PossibilitiesThis is MS Note: This is the full version of a story that was released about a month ago. Very interesting findings...

The mental impairment and problems with walking experienced by patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) are linked to damage in the brain's gray matter, with MRI findings suggesting the damage is due to toxic deposits of iron, UB researchers have shown for the first time.

Posted by Administrator on Thursday, November 20 @ 17:44:09 CST (30 reads)
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 Research: Simple Anti-Inflammatories May Help Neuron Replacement

Anti-InflammatoriesTwo studies shed new light on the role of brain inflammation in diseases such as Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Posted by Administrator on Monday, November 17 @ 20:38:52 CST (46 reads)
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 Research: Blocking Proteins Could Modulate Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's & Parkinsons

Future Treatment Possibilities

Understanding the signals to turn on specific genes in the brain with proteins might enable the modulation of an immune attack to the brain like that of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), according to a study presented here November 8th at the Society for Neuroscience 33rd Annual Meeting.

Posted by Administrator on Monday, November 17 @ 20:32:26 CST (25 reads)
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 ThisIsMS Related: Oh, the possibilities...

LifestyleHow can you help make this the most rewarding Multiple Sclerosis site on the internet?

Well, you can help by bookmarking us, linking to our site and, more than anything else, paying us a daily visit and participating in the many things available to you here:

Our first promise is to post the latest MS-related news here, updated daily. You won't have to scurry around the web looking for information or wait for friends to send you articles anymore, it will all be right here.
In short, we look forward to watching this site grow with your help. Especially while we are young, you have an opportunity to truly make this site yours. Thank you for coming.

Posted by Administrator on Thursday, November 13 @ 19:49:22 CST (18 reads)
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