By: trouble4u4
30 Apr 2004, 01:57 PM EDT
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kevtod Ms.Hawkins is the New CEO and she is more than willing to help, e-mail or call her yourself, thanks
I am going to meet with her next couple of weeks...eom

By: nvphyl
30 Apr 2004, 01:58 PM EDT
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Interesting Dick,

Dr Hawkins wasn't here when the Trial began 11/14/2002.
You are new to this board. You call her and report,

Mike , lets just say ,everything is ahead of schedule and there are NO disappointments..JMO

We were told to expect results in a year. Some might think the term "ahead of schedule" is a spin. Ahead of drastically adjusted schedule would be more accurate.

Nit-picking? Perhaps! Revising history makes one feel like the powers to be think we haven't been paying attention. A new poster comes on board with an ahead of schedule comment while those that have been here for some time know the results are long long overdue based on what the management had previously said.

However, I am glad to hear we can expect good results soon.

thx jim

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By: lovingitall0
30 Apr 2004, 02:12 PM EDT
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New hope of fighting cancer virus

Scientists in the United States believe they may have found a way to beat the virus that causes genital warts and cervical cancer.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have discovered how the human papilloma virus gains a foothold in the body.

Tests on mice have shown a protein in the virus latches on to another protein in the body's cells.

Writing in the journal Cell, the researchers said the discovery could lead to new treatments.

Human papilloma viruses or HPVs are a group of more than 80 different types of viruses. They can cause warts, including genital warts, and have been linked to cancer. They can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

An estimated 15% of women between the ages of 20 and 30 and 6% of women over 40 carry the virus.

Scientists discovered seven years ago that the virus gains a foothold in the body by inserting its own DNA in the body's cells. It does this by means of a protein in the virus called E2.

However, they did not know how it managed to do this. The Harvard scientists say they have now discovered that E2 interacts with a protein in cells called BRD4.

They are now working with other colleagues at the university to try to find a chemical and potential drug ingredient that can block BRD4.

Vaccine search

"We have uncovered a new target that could potentially lead to new antivirals," said Professor Peter Howley, one of those involved in the research.

"If one could come up with a small molecule or chemical that could inhibit the binding of E2 to BRD4, that could be a drug lead."

Scientists around the world are trying to developing vaccines to protect against HPV.

While there have been some promising results, trials are still in very early stages.

There is currently no cure for HPV, although in most cases it will disappear by itself.

Professor Howley said there is a need for a treatment that specifically targets HPV.

"There are no specific human papilloma virus antivirals out there at this point,"
he said.

Story from BBC NEWS
Published: 2004/04/29

By: WayHaw
30 Apr 2004, 02:59 PM EDT
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Attention: ADVR Corporate

The article I'm responding to is a natural tie-in to your work on HPV. The link below can put you in touch with this professor. Hope this helps the cause in some way.

Wayne Hawthorne
By: nvphyl
30 Apr 2004, 03:06 PM EDT
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This is a penny stock,

11/7/2003......vol .1,188,920.....$.08
11/10/2003.....vol 18,321,100.....$.13
11/17/2003.....vol .1,724,450.....$.09
12/01/2003.....vol 24,180,300.....$.28

Nov 10, 2003
ADVR Reports Positive Preliminary Results of AVR118 Clinical Trial in AIDS Patients Suffering from Body Wasting (Cachexia)

It took from 11/10 to 12/01 for the volume to get over 20 mil with the excellent pre-lim results.

4/19/2004......vol .3,684,190.....$.12
4/20/2004......vol ...665,409.....$.12
4/21/2004......vol .2,537,540.....$.10
4/22/2004......vol .1,949,960.....$.12
4/23/2004......vol 23,795,700.....$.16

Apr 20, 2004
Advanced Viral Research Corp. Announces the Resignation of Its Chief Financial Officer

Here it only took 2 days to get to 20 mil in volume.

News / smews ....SHOW ME. 20days


Got rid of that sucker! ...just 2 days

We need proof "it works" but we do hold grudges!!!! lol

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