Healthy Foods That Reset Your System to Correct Health





Artichokes can be your liver's best friend, and a healthy liver is a must for detoxification. Artichokes actually improve liver function, which means your liver works more efficiently to remove toxins from your body.



Asparagus When people talk about superfoods, they rarely mention asparagus, but the truth is those little green stalks offer a number of health advantages.

Like artichokes, they improve liver function and help that organ get rid of toxins in your body. It can also help your heart, fight inflammation, and even reportedly stall the growth of some forms of cancer.



Most detoxifying foods help improve kidney and liver function, but avocados help to get toxins out of your blood vessels.

Eating an avocado causes your blood vessels to dilate, which gives toxins that might block your arteries the chance to escape.

Some experts believe the food also helps prevent arthritis and lowers cholesterol.

Basil If you like to add basil to your food, good news: it encourages optimal kidney and liver function. Basil is an anti-bacterial food that protects major organs from toxins.

It also works as a diuretic and keeps germs such as bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses away.


Broccoli Broccoli is another liver-boosting powerhouse and an excellent detoxifying food that helps your liver get rid of toxins quickly and easily, but it works best when you eat it raw.

Microwaving or boiling it it removes most of the nutrients.


Ginger Some experts calls ginger one of the greatest foods for fighting disease. Even some expensive detox programs include the spice.

Try chewing on it or adding it to hot water to make a tea if you eat too much junk food or drink too much alcohol. 

It can get help your liver process that stuff out of your system and enhance your metabolism


Lemons Lemons encourage your body to release enzymes that break down toxins, making it easier for them to leave your body, so you really can't afford not to add them to your diet.

The fruits also help your liver work better and balance your body's alkalinity. Try drinking a glass of lemon water every morning to help start the day.