The Male Perspective
Good Friends
Contributed by Transfixxxed



The Male Perspective!

Ever get sick of those luvy-duvy emails that women seem to love to proliferate?

You Know!

The ones that philosophize on life;
the How great it is to have a friend
theme, or youve just been hugged or tagged by the Blue Man!

send it on to 10 of your friends, etc.

Well, now it
s time to present the
MALE SIDE of this one-sided theme!

A good friend will always be there to comfort you

A good friend will always be alert and attentive to your needs

A good friend will be there to help guide you through thick & thin!

A good friend will eagerly help you work things out!

In fact, a good friend will bend over backwards when you need it most!

However, a good friend will not be backwards in giving you some lip when you need it, to keep you on the straight and narrow!

Like a good scout, a good friend
will always be prepared to help out!

A good friend is always happy to assist when you have a buddy over!

Time, and time again!


A good friend will invite her friend to help entertain you

A good friend wont balk at
the task at hand

Or be afraid to show you what shes made of

But most of all, a good friend is someone who welcomes you at every opportunity.

Isnt it nice to have friends?
At least now you have the
MALE perspective!

Please send this message on to at least
10 of your friends to ensure that you wont receive any more!
But please take note, you MUST send this in 5 minutes or your sex life will end!



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